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Autobahn – Engine For New Vehicles

Autobahn is a dynamic platform for new vehicle manufacturers, importers, dealers and full-service leasing providers (rentals, leasing and insurance).

Autobahn enables a collaboration platform, where Connectivity, communication and visibility are the major factors for efficient data management. Autobahn provides the right features and functionality to operate in the most effective way without any barriers or limitations.


Autobahn For Factory

Autofactory enables always up-to-date catalog and data visibility for importers and dealers. Users receive critical vehicle data in the most accurate, fast and visible way. Autobahn covers all vehicle related tasks (from production to end-customer) in real-time, flawless.

Powerful factory sync enables importers and dealers manage vehicle data directly with factory systems. All vehicles related activities visible across one platform – from production, transport and catalog data to options and warranty management. Visibility level: flawless

  • Transparent Integrations
  • Automated Vehicle Data Management
  • Vehicle Status Management
  • Regional Importer Management
  • Special Price Agreements
  • Real-Time Reporting and Sales Activities
  • Increased Market Visibility (Importer – Dealership Activities)

Autobahn For Importer

Importer is the link between factories and dealerships. The link has to be smart to operate effectively.

Autoimporter creates a dynamic management tool to manage its vehicles, vehicle catalogue and dealer network from any device, any time. All actions from factory orders to successful sales are mapped and backed in Autobahn.

Autobahn enables faster sales cycles with better overview of vehicles in-progress and increases user productivity.

  • Real-Time Catalog, Stock and Status Updates For Dealer Network
  • Powerful Administration of Dealers, Branches, Users
  • Fast, Transparent and Accurate Communication With Dealer Network
  • Real-Time Reports (Sales + Dealer Network)
  • Role Based Users (Sales, Logistics, Accessories etc.)
  • Easy Export of Data (Sales, Reports, Stock)
  • Powerful API with 3rd Part Solutions

Autobahn For Dealer

Changing the way you manage, sell and deliver vehicles

Autobahn multi-branded logic drives your dealership and sales activities in your branch. A sales weapon for managing the whole sales process - lead and achieve great results.

Creating offers, booking new vehicles and activating warranty agreements have never been so fast, easy and enjoyable. From user administration to full-stack CRM and documentation management – sales of vehicles has never been so enjoyable.

All importer, client or vehicle related actions are enabled in one environment, always up-to-date

  • Simple Administration of Users and Branches
  • Fast Factory and Importer Stock Orders
  • Always Up-To-Date Data (Vehicles, Options, Accessories)
  • Role-Based Users (Head of Sales, Salesman etc.)
  • Internal Cost Management (Equipment, Costs of Work etc.)
  • Real-Time Configurable Vehicle Sales Reports
  • Easy Communication With 3rd Part Companies (Rentals, Leasing etc.)

One Industry. One Platform

Autobahn provides the entire vehicle production data flow to all business units with-in one cloud-platform. Autobahn changes the way automotive users interact, access and process data. Connection and communication with multiple units has never been so convenient, visible and fast.

  • Communication and Connectivity Simplified
  • Fast and Accurate Data Exchange
  • Full Vehicle Sales Journey Mapped
  • Real-Time Status Updates and Sales Reports
  • Simplifies The Whole Vehicle Management Process
  • Role-Based User Notifications
  • Reduces IT Costs and Management Fees
  • Short Learning Curve for Users
  • Powerful API for 3rd Part Solutions (Accounting etc.)
  • All User Activities, Logs and Communication